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Villa Doors - Suppliers of Stile and Rail Stained Wood Doors
Villa Doors - Suppliers of Stile and Rail Stained Wood Doors


Welcome to the Villa Collection of distinctive interior stile and rail wood doors. Whether you already know what you want or are just beginning to discover the possibilities, thank you for considering Villa Doors.


In creating our line of wood doors, we set out to assure that you will be able to find the doors that are perfect for your hotel or residence. There is something for every personality and something for every room!


Our extensive selection of door designs, species, glass and panel constructions include many choices.  you can even mix species or replace any wood panels with glass, chalk-board or marker board, or replace any straight panels with a louver.  You now have the freedom to choose a door for your unique style that is distinctly you.


Villa Doors' series of wood doors work great for new construction or remodeling; we make them to any size without an up-charge for non-standard sizes.


We also make oversized wood doors - we've made doors 48" x 120" and larger!


We are proud of the beautiful wood doors in our collection, and take pleasure in knowing that we set the pace in our industry for selection, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


Ask your building products supplier for Villa Doors. By choosing Villa, you are choosing strength, beauty and distinction for your hotel or residence, and lasting enjoyment for years to come.

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